The Kidney Thing

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  • Matthew C says:

    Brilliant – humerous and very helpful

  • eleanor says:

    I loved this my daughter is 19 and donating a kidney to her dad very soon her crown is HUGE ! thank you for sharing this

    • janac7 says:

      Congratulations on having such an awesome daughter! I hope she and her dad sail through their operations smoothly! Keep me posted- and long live the crown!!

  • Colleen says:

    This is awesome! I’m altruistically donating a kidney next week and this was extremely helpful!

  • ginny says:

    I clicked over here after enjoying your other blog and wow! How is your brother doing now? And I’m a homeschooler, too. *fist bump*

  • Matthew C says:

    Hi Jana

    Well, 17 months after first finding this site, I have donated to my brother on Oct 16th.

    I am slightly puzzled by the loss of your crown after the operation – I think I only got mine on the day after the op, when my brother’s four 20-30 yr old kids looked in on him, then on me to say “thank you”. I could tell by their faces that he was looking so much better than the dad they had known for the last seven years. I’m getting thanked by his friends who I don’t know, for “giving them their friend back” etc, and some other nephews and nieces are in awe of me. This has all taken me aback!

    I still think your blog above is the best one that I found

  • Denise says:

    My husband is being evaluated to be a donor, it looks promising :-)… I’m a 3rd grade teacher, have you written a book? I would enjoy sharing this experience with my class.

  • Colin says:

    I now have my second kidney transplant from an anonymous donor but went through the whole process where my sister got checked out to give me a kidney and found that she wasn’t able to. The book is brilliant in that it captures the small things that occur to you before surgery and shows the importance of humour in staying grounded in the great machinery that is a health system. Thanks for sharing so honestly.

  • […] Also ¬†illustrated and so, so good is Jana Christy’s diary comic about donating a kidney to her brother. […]

  • Hayley says:

    This is fabulous! I’m currently being tested for the New Zealand Paired Kidney Exchange so that my brother can receive a kidney. We, devastatingly, are not a match. My kids, 22 and 18 want to be tested next if we do not get a match. I love the detail and the humour that I found here. Thanks so much.

  • Patty says:

    I loved reading this! This month, my father & I are celebrating 20 years of great health, since I donated my kidney to him at Mass General Hospital. ~May 23rd, 1995~. Wish that I had access to such fun reading at that time. Best wishes to you & your brother!

  • Dana Barton says:

    I found your blog to be very helpful and have shared with my family and a co-worker of my husbands, that was doing the same thing for her mom as I, at the very same time! Small world! I donated my kidney to my mother just 3weeks ago. The process took just 3 months. Mom had some complications after day 5 and by day 7 had to go back into surgery to reconnect the Ureter to the bladder as there was a leak…she is doing much better now, yet getting use to the anti-rejection meds side effects…Thank you for this blog and I am curious how you and your brother are and if you have any tips. XoXoXo Our surgeries took place in San Antonio Tx at the Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospt.

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