oh my gosh.

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I am so incredibly flattered. Artist Idaika Iglesias has created some sweet, sweet sculptures based on my work. She’s been able to completely capture 3 dimensionally, what I try and get across in 2.  I just love these- it’s so fun to see my skinny legged girls standing up and not toppling over! Here’s one- click over to her blog to check out the rest!bebe1

bands I love.

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I listen to music pretty much all the time while i work. occasionally, the music bleeds in to the art.  this time, i wanted to just give in to the music and draw the creator of the songs i listen to the most.  i love Australian/ British band Allo Darlin‘– Elizabeth Morris’s voice and words always conjure up lovely  images in my head. Here she is with her ukulele. 

Tatty Corum

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I can’t wait for Spring.

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