teeny teeny tiny baby elephant.

August 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

I had a dream last night, in which my brother found a teeny tiny baby elephant, and i somehow (i caused some sort of ruckus) ended up losing it. it wandered off into the woods and got lost in the leaf clutter. i spent the rest of my dreams, trying to find it, but no luck. If anyone finds a teeny tiny baby elephant wandering through the leaves, please let me know!babyelephant

light + tunnel

June 19, 2013 § 4 Comments

I’ve been so lucky to have been kept incredibly busy over the last 7 months. Between illustrating a number of books for publishers that I’ve always wanted to work with, and   doing book store appearances and accompanying food drives for local food pantries, and attending book shows and DIY book and comic shows like MOCCA and TCAF— I haven’t really had time for much else. Happily, because we homeschool, our kids were able to go with us to all of our events, either selling their own books at shows, or just getting to know a new city. And I won’t complain- I swear, we had a blast. The last book store we visited was the way way cool Librarie Drawn and Quarterly in Montreal, and we had an awesome turn out. Here are some pics from the event.

But now we put our suitcases away and  things will get quiet. We’ll get reacquainted with friends, chickens and weed the already unruly garden.  And soon start working on some new books, inspired by all the beautiful work we’ve seen, people we’ve met and places we’ve seen!tunnel


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A Child’s Guide to Ennui, part 1

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Happy Nearly Halloween!

October 8, 2012 § 2 Comments

I was so excited to find some cards I did for American Greetings in a local store!  BOO!!

my studio, christmas

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is where I do a lot of my illustrations. It’s the corner of my dining room.

I’m digital, so I can work anywhere, which for me , when I’m home, means dining room, living room or bedroom. And while I sometimes get a wee bit envious reading about or visiting other artist’s studios,I have a totally cozy, comfy couch and a wood stove, and I’m near the food.


December 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was recently contacted by a graphic designer who is working with a school district in South Carolina, wanting to know if they could use this image for an anti-bullying program they’re putting together.  It’s also being used by Kansas State University, the Research and Development Unit of Stockholm, and was on a playbill in London for an anti-bullying production. I’m always happy to donate my illustrations to a good cause- but bullies- get the message already!!

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