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gets me thinking about our local farms and the awesome families, taking on such an epic task. I’m lucky to live where i do- an abundance of small farms, who offer their tasty stuff at our local farm markets. Thinking about them inspired these. Well, that, and dreaming of yummy tomatoes.csa2csa1


who are you?

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A question I ask continually as I work on the final stages of sculpting my paper mache figures. I still don’t know who she is. I just know she has a lovely soul.18198235_10203321631598411_6035456721409656824_n

paper making

May 3, 2017 § 2 Comments

… is so much fun. i pulled a bunch of stuff out of the recycling bin, and picked some things from my yard- blossoms and leaves, and made a batch of handmade paper this weekend.


here it is drying on my studio door! varying degrees of success and thickness, but this is so fun.



little forest lady

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she’s endlessly walking through the forest (except when she’s sitting in my hand.) she’s also very golden. her hair is made from some old rope that i found, and her clothes are from handmedowns. all very soft. also, she has pantaloons. i love pantaloons. i need to make more dolls with pantaloons. forest lady IMG_5836 IMG_5863

paper mache art

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I’ve started making big and little friends to share my studio space with me.  I absolutely love bending wire and adding layers on and on. My first pieces were big… bigger is definitely easier, and a good way to get the feel for it.

(a big cat lady astronomer and a big lady pig head.)

I also love adding fabric, and letting the newsprint show through. Luckily, I have a stash of vintage fabrics, buttons, magazines and papers to use. Here’s Girl Bear.


oh my gosh.

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I am so incredibly flattered. Artist Idaika Iglesias has created some sweet, sweet sculptures based on my work. She’s been able to completely capture 3 dimensionally, what I try and get across in 2.  I just love these- it’s so fun to see my skinny legged girls standing up and not toppling over! Here’s one- click over to her blog to check out the rest!bebe1

Silver Laced Polish

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Seriously. Seriously.  I so wish i could have one of these adorable girls in my flock. I would get nothing done. I would just watch it walking around, bumping into things, being adorable…. I would live a blissful, stress-free life….ahhhh. However. I have some serious meanies in my flock, who would take great joy in plucking her bald. So, she’s not for me, but…. i can dream.polish