and another chicken!

April 23, 2013 § 3 Comments

Because drawing these is making my brain really, really happy.girl and chicken 2


ahhhh, chickens

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I needed to take a short break from the books that I’m  illustrating. Andgirl and chicken inspired by seeing some illustrations by of one of my favorite artists, Garth Williams, at the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum thought it would be fun to practice my penwork.  Until seeing his beautiful sketches and inks of Fern and Wilbur up close, I hadn’t realized what a big influence his work has been on mine. And I so loved seeing his different versions of the Charlotte’s Web cover art. I’d love to see a book of his collected work and sketches. I would eat it up.

Chickens in the Snow

November 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

snow2smallThe first snowflakes fell tonight in New England and I went out to hang with the girls in their coop. It’s starting to get pretty cold. I can’t help but worry about them, in my kind of lame, new-chicken-owner way. I worry they get too cold, even though i selected winter hardy breeds. I sat on their hay bale and one by one tucked them into my wool coat and warmed them up. Tatty fell asleep, Buffy looked comfy, Polly escaped and flew on top of my head. Luna wanted none of it and flew away. I came to terms with the fact that they’re not my farm animals- not only do i not have a farm, I only have four. I worry about them like I worry about any other creature I’m besotted with. They’re my outside pets. And if my neighbors looked out their window, they would’ve seen my sitting inside my lit chicken coop, with one girl on my head, another two sticking out of my coat and would’ve heard me singing to them.  So be it. I’m the crazy chicken lady.


July 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

One of my favorite parts of having chickens is giving them table scraps and watching how they react- so far pasta is the biggest hit! they FREAK!

the girls are getting bigger!

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from ChickenPlusGarden.

Tatty Corum

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Meet Luna

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