the jauntily illustrated A Year With Friends

October 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

We just got our first review for A Year With Friends!  It’s from Kirkus…

“While lots of books about seasons are available, this one is as fresh and crisp as a cool fall breeze.

Each month is jauntily illustrated with a two-page spread of panels and one pertinent line: “January is time for rolling down hills”; “February is time for snuggling.” A boy and a girl alternate in the scenes from January through July up to August, when they meet at the beach, build a sand castle and become friends for the remaining months. “April is time to get messy” is depicted with the boy in a yellow slicker and red boots jumping in a puddle. In July, the girl carries popcorn and a blanket as she and her dog walk to a grassy spot to watch fireworks. The narrative ends: “A new year is time for fun with new friends!” The charm is in the narrative’s simplicity and the breezy, soft-edged artwork that captures the special wonder of each month. There are lots of ideas for displays and monthly themes for story times.

This expressive childhood tribute to the joys of nature throughout the year warmly conveys the message that anytime is best when shared with a friend.”

April is time to get messy!


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